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ID Document type Title Publication date
2018/01843 Information update (News) Members at Veolia RERF in Leeds accept pay deal 19 October 2018
2018/01839 Information update (News) Further delay to reform of the Research Councils Pension Scheme 18 October 2018
2018/01838 Information update (News) £2bn BT pensions appeal concluded 18 October 2018
2018/01828 Information update (News) Scottish Power Generation staff must be protected 16 October 2018
2018/01827 Information update (News) Prospect writes to party leaders over Westminster bullying 16 October 2018
2018/01788 Information update (News) Cap on pension compensation ruled unlawful 16 October 2018
2018/01826 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes Dounreay jobs announcement 16 October 2018
2018/01813 Information update (News) New report must signal end of parliamentary bullying 15 October 2018
2018/01801 Information update (News) Prospect Education and Children’s Services – Ofsted to overhaul inspections 12 October 2018
2018/01792 Information update (News) Pay wins at DE&S show value of Prospect membership 11 October 2018
2018/01773 Information update (News) Nearly half of black or ethnic minority workers have experienced racism at work, Prospect survey finds 09 October 2018
2018/01776 Information update (News) Guernsey civil service announce major restructure 09 October 2018
2018/01772 Information update (News) RIDDOR reform reduced HSE oversight 09 October 2018
2018/01770 Information update (News) Strengthen unions to create a fairer economy, Prospect tells Conservatives 09 October 2018
2018/01769 Information update (News) Scotland can lead on energy revolution, says Prospect 09 October 2018
2018/01768 Information update (News) Government flying by the seat of its pants on aviation 09 October 2018
2018/01763 Information update (News) BT pensions appeal starts tomorrow 08 October 2018
2018/01762 Information update (News) When the going gets tough, who you gonna call? 08 October 2018
2018/01754 Information update (News) Legal action has revealed unprecedented duplicity by government on pay 05 October 2018
2018/01735 Information update (News) Obituary: Simon Petch 04 October 2018
2018/01718 Information update (News) What does Brexit mean for the telecoms industry? 03 October 2018
2018/01713 Information update (News) Prospect in court to attend the judicial review we launched to challenge the government 02 October 2018
2018/01710 Information update (News) Government migration proposals will damage economy 02 October 2018
2018/01703 Information update (News) Prospect backs Better Work Better Lives 01 October 2018
2018/01793 Information update (News) Mental health awareness in aviation 28 September 2018
2018/01695 Information update (News) Let’s drop old versus young and work together 27 September 2018
2018/01692 Information update (News) Hinkley Point shows the jobs and energy security new nuclear will bring 27 September 2018
2018/01686 Information update (News) ECS Group professional seminar 26 September 2018
2018/01684 Information update (News) Good unions are good for employers and the economy 25 September 2018
2018/01679 Information update (News) Prospect warns of chemical chaos thanks to Brexit 25 September 2018