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ID Document type Title Publication date
2019/00744 Information update (News) Keep Britain afloat and save 40,000 jobs 07 May 2019
2019/00741 Information update (News) Outsourcing of MoD fire and rescue services puts security at risk 07 May 2019
2019/00733 Information update (News) New Defence Secretary must make case for investing in the UK 02 May 2019
2019/00702 Information update (News) Submarine disposal delays risk skills base, Prospect tells MPs 29 April 2019
2019/00599 Information update (News) Delays in ship-building and decommissioning are putting jobs and skills at risk 03 April 2019
2019/00280 Information update (News) Body blow for Fife shipbuilding 07 February 2019
2019/00230 Information update (News) Behind the huge gap in defence spending are real jobs at risk of being lost forever 01 February 2019
2019/00047 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes carrier refit announcement 10 January 2019
2018/01990 Information update (News) Fleet Solid Support Contract – skills gap can be a trigger for home build 16 November 2018
2018/01612 Information update (News) MoD responds to Prospect concerns over defence shipbuilding 11 September 2018
2018/01613 Letter MoD response on defence shipbuilding 11 September 2018
2018/01587 Information update (News) Campaign for Scottish shipbuilding continues 07 September 2018
2018/01577 Information update (News) Minister tells YPN defence members: nation depends on your future prospects 06 September 2018
2018/01428 Information update (News) Disappointment at Type 31e delays 25 July 2018
2018/01429 Information update (News) Frigate farce a body blow for Scotland, warn Prospect and GMB 25 July 2018
2018/01424 Information update (News) Type 31e pause deeply concerning 24 July 2018
2018/01402 Information update (News) Defence spending delays symptomatic of government lack of strategy 19 July 2018
2018/01314 Information update (News) Delegates agree to talk about defence diversification 09 July 2018
2018/01306 Information update (News) Garry Graham welcomes report into defence contribution to the economy 09 July 2018
2018/01180 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes MPs' intervention on submarine dismantling 19 June 2018
2018/01179 Information update (News) Outsourcing military fire services to Capita a risky decision 18 June 2018
2018/01046 Information update (News) Civil service must not be left behind as pay cap eases 30 May 2018
2018/01023 Information update (News) Urgent action needed on pay at DSTL despite award 24 May 2018
2018/00933 Information update (News) Prospect seeks cross party support in Scotland to save Rosyth jobs 14 May 2018
2018/00930 Information update (News) New report adds to mounting evidence that defence budget is inadequate 11 May 2018
2018/00926 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes Labour commitment to protect UK shipbuilding 11 May 2018
2018/00857 Information update (News) Prospect takes Rosyth fight to Westminster 03 May 2018
2018/00842 Information update (News) Prospect sets out key priorities to Modernising Defence Programme 01 May 2018
2018/00817 Information update (News) Prospect condemns offshoring of Fleet Solid Support ships 30 April 2018
2018/00703 Information update (News) Latest NAO report further evidence of need for boost for defence spending 18 April 2018