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2020/00008 Information update (News) Successful challenge to MOD discriminatory performance marks 06 January 2020
2019/01818 Information update (News) Tribunal backs cycle couriers in transfer case 29 November 2019
2019/01343 Information update (News) TUC backs Prospect call for a duty to bargain 09 September 2019
2019/00849 Information update (News) Victory for Prospect members at Lydd Airport 31 May 2019
2019/00454 Information update (News) Seven-year legal battle brings discrimination victory for dozens of civil servants 06 March 2019
2019/00372 Information update (News) Prospect wins sex discrimination case against ONS 26 February 2019
2019/00251 Information update (News) Compensation for freelance workers denied their rights 05 February 2019
2019/00226 Information update (News) Prospect wins tribunal against Big Lottery Fund 31 January 2019
2018/01988 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes Scottish Government’s cold weather guidance for workers 16 November 2018
2018/01852 Information update (News) Call to reinstate protection against harassment by third parties 23 October 2018
2018/01193 Information update (News) British Museum pregnancy dismissal found unlawful 21 June 2018
2018/00610 Information update (News) Prospect launches gender pay gap e-learning tool 29 March 2018
2018/00448 Information update (News) Press for progress by joining us on International Women's Day 08 March 2018
2017/02022 Information update (News) What does this cold snap mean for people at work? 12 December 2017
2017/01538 Information update (News) New deal to end gender pay gap at Met Office 02 October 2017
2017/01099 Information update (News) Employment tribunal fees ruled unlawful 26 July 2017
2017/01043 Information update (News) Prospect responds to the Taylor review of employment practices 11 July 2017
2017/00766 Information update (News) Prospect wins recognition for helicopter engineers 12 May 2017
2017/00620 Information update (News) Supreme Court upholds principle of indirect discrimination in landmark case 05 April 2017
2017/00469 News release Prospect wins Scottish discrimination case 10 March 2017
2017/00468 Information update (News) Prospect wins Scottish discrimination case 10 March 2017
2016/02116 Information update (News) Religious discrimination pay case heads to Supreme Court 11 November 2016
2016/01578 Information update (News) Prospect wins unfair dismissal case for BT member 04 August 2016
2016/01291 Information update (News) Tribunal fees deny access to justice, says select committee 20 June 2016
2016/00907 Information update (News) Transport department's change to sickness absence procedure unlawful, says Court of Appeal 15 April 2016
2016/00802 Information update (News) Prospect’s protective award victory 07 April 2016
2016/00635 Information update (News) Prospect members win employment rights at tribunal 14 March 2016
2016/00565 Information update (News) Equality at work - brought to you by your union! 07 March 2016
2016/00432 Information update (News) Unions defend absence management ruling 17 February 2016
2016/00402 Information update (News) Prospect rep Ele Wade shares equal pay story on Today programme 12 February 2016