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2018/01969 Information update (News) Fair Work agreement for Scotland's civil servants 13 November 2018
2018/01914 Information update (News) Prospect research reveals scale of the gender pension gap 01 November 2018
2018/01852 Information update (News) Call to reinstate protection against harassment by third parties 23 October 2018
2018/01773 Information update (News) Nearly half of black or ethnic minority workers have experienced racism at work, Prospect survey finds 09 October 2018
2018/01382 Information update (News) Equalities rep spreads understanding 18 July 2018
2018/01386 Information update (News) Time to start talking about the gender pension gap 18 July 2018
2018/01355 Information update (News) Is your employer reporting on the gender pay gap? 13 July 2018
2018/01310 Information update (News) Neurodiversity campaign work to continue 09 July 2018
2018/01279 Information update (News) LGBT rights are human rights 05 July 2018
2018/01177 Information update (News) Prospect State Pension Age petition reaches 12,000 signatures 18 June 2018
2018/01138 Information update (News) A third of women say they have faced sexual harassment at work 11 June 2018
2018/01103 Information update (News) Sexual harassment in the workplace is a union issue 05 June 2018
2018/01081 Information update (News) Prospect commits to prioritise its campaigns for race equality 03 June 2018
2018/00738 Information update (News) Prospect challenges Imperial War Museums over equal pay 24 April 2018
2018/00684 Information update (News) Prospect member awarded prestigious equality award at STUC 16 April 2018
2018/00680 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes anti-bullying amendment to ministerial code 16 April 2018
2018/00638 Information update (News) The gender pay data in the defence sector – what can it tell Prospect members 06 April 2018
2018/00610 Information update (News) Prospect launches gender pay gap e-learning tool 29 March 2018
2018/00461 Information update (News) Prospect integral to reducing BT gender pay gap 08 March 2018
2018/00448 Information update (News) Press for progress by joining us on International Women's Day 08 March 2018
2018/00390 Information update (News) Prospect launches BAME survey 02 March 2018
2018/00105 Information update (News) Improving lives: the future of work, health and disability white paper 17 January 2018
2018/00098 Information update (News) Government STEM skills gap work not good enough 17 January 2018
2017/01863 Information update (News) Prospect wins discrimination case against UK Power Networks 13 November 2017
2017/01801 Information update (News) Prospect members in landmark deal to deliver equal pay at the Met Office 01 November 2017
2017/01538 Information update (News) New deal to end gender pay gap at Met Office 02 October 2017
2017/01243 Information update (News) Prospect members show their support at Pride 15 August 2017
2017/01090 Information update (News) Belfast Pride march 2017 21 July 2017
2017/01079 Information update (News) Scottish gender pay gap report “a step in the right direction” 19 July 2017
2017/01013 Information update (News) Prospect members march for LGBT equality 05 July 2017