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2018/02118 Information update (News) A £30,000 threshold will leave both public and private sectors without the skills and people they need 16 December 2018
2018/01311 Information update (News) Air traffic controllers signal threat to workers’ rights 09 July 2018
2014/00205 News release Air traffic protest against outsourcing plans 29 January 2014
2018/01250 Information update (News) Anglo-French seminar on nuclear skills 29 June 2018
2016/01942 Information update (News) A post-Brexit vision needs a defence industrial strategy 12 October 2016
2016/01943 News release A post-Brexit vision needs a defence industrial strategy 12 October 2016
2019/00115 Information update (News) Article 50 must be extended after Brexit Deal rejected 15 January 2019
2019/00544 Information update (News) A short Brexit delay will achieve very little warns Prospect 22 March 2019
2016/02153 Information update (News) Autumn Statement: civil service must be helped to meet Brexit challenge 17 November 2016
2017/01996 Information update (News) Big challenges remain for Brexit negotiations 08 December 2017
2017/00929 Information update (News) Brexit debate puts spotlight on pitfalls ahead 16 June 2017
2018/01105 Information update (News) Brexit dominates conference debate 06 June 2018
2016/01918 Information update (News) Brexit means a different UK defence strategy 07 October 2016
2018/02088 Information update (News) Brexit update 04 December 2018
2018/02078 Information update (News) Civil servants bear brunt of Brexit uncertainty 03 December 2018
2017/00574 Information update (News) Civil service lacks resources to handle Article 50 negotiations, warns Prospect 29 March 2017
2017/00877 Information update (News) EU plan on air traffic strikes 'a distraction' 07 June 2017
2016/00279 Information update (News) EU referendum website launched by Prospect 02 February 2016
2018/01768 Information update (News) Government flying by the seat of its pants on aviation 09 October 2018
2018/01710 Information update (News) Government migration proposals will damage economy 02 October 2018
2019/00168 Information update (News) Government scraps settled status fee for EU citizens 21 January 2019
2016/02162 Information update (News) Guarantee rights of EU scientists working in UK 18 November 2016
2016/01986 Information update (News) Heritage seminar considers Brexit challenges 21 October 2016
2018/01101 Information update (News) Hilary Benn, CBI chief economist and NATS CEO unpick Brexit at Prospect conference 05 June 2018
2019/00048 Information update (News) Last minute Brexit workers' rights offer is simply not good enough 10 January 2019
2018/00985 Information update (News) Major government clarification on Brexit and science is welcome 21 May 2018
2016/01061 Information update (News) Members call for halt to TTIP negotiations 11 May 2016
2016/01038 Information update (News) MPs Creagh and Jenkin to join EU debate at Prospect conference 05 May 2016
2016/01039 News release MPs Creagh and Jenkin to join panel for EU debate at Prospect conference 05 May 2016
2017/01348 Information update (News) No answers from government on science after Brexit 07 September 2017