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2009/01731 News release Prospect condemns Fox call for defence cuts 08 October 2009
2009/01725 News release Unions are aid to management, say professionals 14 September 2009
2009/01728 News release Back off on pensions or risk industrial unrest, energy union warns Ofgem 14 September 2009
2009/01679 News release Procurement policy at the crossroads, say defence experts 14 July 2009
2009/01714 News release Prospect condemns potential shipyard closures 01 July 2009
2009/01713 News release Prospect calls for NATS profits to be reinvested 26 June 2009
2009/01695 News release Union calls for a big conversation on defence 31 March 2009
2009/01669 News release Prospect stunned that NTS could head south 25 March 2009
2009/01686 News release Time for MOD to answer equipment questions 26 February 2009
2009/01680 News release Short–term funding cycle threatens nuclear skills 20 January 2009
2009/01677 News release Joint venture welcomed by nuclear professionals 14 January 2009
2004/00134 News release Investment lesson of air traffic failure 03 June 2004