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ID Document type Title Publication date
2019/01127 Information update (News) Diana Robinson: art teacher to SEND expert 17 July 2019
2019/01122 Information update (News) NFER visits ECS group executive council meeting 17 July 2019
2019/01110 Information update (News) ECSG updates from the frontline: July 2019 16 July 2019
2019/01108 Information update (News) Court ruling makes shared parental leave more difficult 15 July 2019
2019/01099 Information update (News) Joint letter from Prospect and the FDA, defending civil servants and their impartiality 13 July 2019
2019/01096 Information update (News) BT Members urged to vote 'YES' to accept BT’s final offer 12 July 2019
2019/01095 Information update (News) HSE releases mesothelioma statistics 12 July 2019
2019/01094 Information update (News) Long working hours linked to higher stroke risk 12 July 2019
2019/01091 Information update (News) UK workers bottom of league for work-life balance 12 July 2019
2019/01081 Information update (News) MPs must step up to end toxic culture in parliament 11 July 2019
2019/01080 Information update (News) All workplaces should be free from bullying and harassment 10 July 2019
2019/01075 Information update (News) Supreme Court denies govt appeal of firefighters and judges' pensions 10 July 2019
2019/01064 Information update (News) NATS Gibraltar air traffic controllers to be balloted on industrial action 09 July 2019
2019/01055 Information update (News) Prospect update - Bringing Teams Together 08 July 2019
2019/01059 Information update (News) £2bn victory for BT pensions members 08 July 2019
2019/01051 Information update (News) Unions call for 'Just Transition' commission 08 July 2019
2019/01054 Information update (News) Highlands and Islands air traffic control strike dates announced 05 July 2019
2019/01043 Information update (News) HIAL Air Traffic Controllers – The story so far 04 July 2019
2019/01040 Information update (News) Prospect supports LA register for children not in school 03 July 2019
2019/01039 Information update (News) Science Museum Group staff vote overwhelmingly for industrial action 03 July 2019
2019/01033 Information update (News) Annual ECSG reps' training and networking day 02 July 2019
2019/01026 Information update (News) This call for civil service leave to be cancelled in August smacks of panic and hypocrisy 01 July 2019
2019/01022 Information update (News) Boris Johnson's pledge on pay is welcome but we will believe it when we see it 01 July 2019
2019/01013 Information update (News) Prospect air traffic controllers reject HIAL pay offer 28 June 2019
2019/01009 Information update (News) Welcome for big milestone at Hinkley Point C 28 June 2019
2019/01001 Information update (News) New alliance sets priorities for preventing sexual harassment 27 June 2019
2019/00998 Information update (News) Pay talks turn sour at horticultural research station 26 June 2019
2019/00984 Information update (News) How you can support LGBT+ Pride events this summer 25 June 2019
2019/00980 Information update (News) Environment Agency staff to take action on pay 24 June 2019
2019/01011 Information update (News) Review Threatens Harwell Institute 18 June 2019