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ID Document type Title Publication date
2020/00464 Information update (News) Prospect updates advice for Prison Service workers 31 March 2020
2020/00462 Information update (News) Furlough agreement gives respite for Liverpool Airport ATCS branch 31 March 2020
2020/00458 Information update (News) Members' update on Scottish COVID-19 Group meeting 27 March 2020
2020/00451 Information update (News) Prospect’s solutions to aviation industry crisis 26 March 2020
2020/00449 Information update (News) BT refuses to pause redundancy programme despite COVID-19 crisis 26 March 2020
2020/00491 Information update (News) Prospect’s solutions to aviation industry crisis 26 March 2020
2020/00446 Information update (News) Unions issue statement on trial of the former first minister 26 March 2020
2020/00445 Information update (News) Scottish Government and unions agree Fair Work principles for coronavirus outbreak 25 March 2020
2020/00442 Information update (News) Prospect leads calls for action on freelancers and aviation workers 24 March 2020
2020/00439 Information update (News) Guernsey government breaks off pay talks 24 March 2020
2020/00426 Information update (News) The Huawei controversy – a symptom of deep malaise 20 March 2020
2020/00425 Information update (News) Prospect voice helps improve NHS Digital members' pay 20 March 2020
2020/00424 Information update (News) In the eye of the storm: interview with John Ferrett, BT and Digital national secretary 20 March 2020
2020/00423 Information update (News) Growing up with Prospect – interview with Jenny Tingle, assistant national secretary 20 March 2020
2020/00403 Information update (News) Scotland Office Update 18 March 2020
2020/00396 Information update (News) Coronavirus update for members in BT 17 March 2020
2020/00389 Information update (News) Loganair withdraws from Edinburgh-Wick air passenger route 13 March 2020
2020/00388 Information update (News) One in five work unpaid overtime 13 March 2020
2020/00387 Information update (News) Belfast Office Closure 13 March 2020
2020/00384 Information update (News) Night work increases risk of poor mental health 12 March 2020
2020/00366 Information update (News) Scottish offshore wind consultation: Set ambitious targets and ramp up activity, says Prospect 11 March 2020
2020/00361 Information update (News) RWM profiles: John Corderoy, programme director 10 March 2020
2020/00345 Information update (News) Concerns about BT changes to travel expenses 05 March 2020
2020/00308 Information update (News) Pension tax relief reform must be fair and sustainable 28 February 2020
2020/00275 Information update (News) Green energy in the foothills of Snowdon 25 February 2020
2020/00274 Information update (News) Just transition for people and places is essential, says NEF 25 February 2020
2020/00273 Information update (News) MOLA announces job cuts 25 February 2020
2020/00272 Information update (News) Prospect to ballot British Museum members on industrial action over pay 25 February 2020
2020/00271 Information update (News) MOD workers back their reps on pay 25 February 2020
2020/00270 Information update (News) Ageism is just so old hat 25 February 2020