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2018/00681 Information update (News) Flexibility for employers on backdated pay rises 16 April 2018
2018/00680 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes anti-bullying amendment to ministerial code 16 April 2018
2018/00620 Information update (News) Prospect meets Cabinet Office and Treasury to discuss 2018 pay 29 March 2018
2018/00580 Information update (News) Civil service must not be left behind on public sector pay 21 March 2018
2018/00539 Information update (News) Prospect takes concerns to Scottish Finance Secretary 20 March 2018
2018/00442 Information update (News) Administration failures to cause pain for thousands of civil service pensioners 07 March 2018
2018/00415 Information update (News) Prospect takes members' issues to Scotland's First Minister 06 March 2018
2018/00412 Information update (News) Guernsey civil servants accept pay proposals negotiated by Prospect 05 March 2018
2018/00388 Information update (News) Parliamentary motion launched to protect civil service independence and impartiality 02 March 2018
2018/00335 Information update (News) Changes to eligibility for Partnership Pension Scheme 23 February 2018
2018/00267 Information update (News) Prospect helps rep win £30,000 for family 14 February 2018
2018/00258 Information update (News) DEFRA finally cuts link between pay and performance 09 February 2018
2018/00257 Information update (News) Prospect gets ready for HeartUnions week 09 February 2018
2018/00221 Information update (News) After headcount reductions and pay cap no surprise there are concerns over Brexit capacity 07 February 2018
2018/00196 Information update (News) Scottish Government improves public sector pay policy 05 February 2018
2018/00174 Information update (News) Prospect gives evidence to Senior Salaries Review Body 30 January 2018
2018/00135 Information update (News) Public sector pension scheme members to get full inflation protection 22 January 2018
2018/00056 Information update (News) Prospect welcomes update to ministerial code 09 January 2018
2017/02027 Information update (News) Pay cap goes in Scotland but concern remains 14 December 2017
2017/01913 Information update (News) We need properly resourced and fairly paid public servants 22 November 2017
2017/01904 Information update (News) Prospect pushes Scottish Government on pay 21 November 2017
2017/01830 Information update (News) Prospect calls on government to honour past agreements on redundancy compensation 08 November 2017
2017/01488 Information update (News) Prospect will robustly hold government to account on Civil Service Compensation Scheme 25 September 2017
2017/01443 Information update (News) IFS report further evidence pay cap unsustainable 20 September 2017
2017/01411 Information update (News) The punishment of civil servants must end now – Mike Clancy 13 September 2017
2017/01410 Information update (News) Prospect launches new campaign to end public sector pay cap 11 September 2017
2017/01332 Information update (News) Pressure mounts on Downing Street after Scotland scraps public sector pay cap 05 September 2017
2017/01331 News release Pressure mounts on Downing Street after Scotland scraps public sector pay cap 05 September 2017
2017/01330 Information update (News) Scottish Government ends Civil Service Pay Cap 05 September 2017
2017/01246 Information update (News) Thumbs up for VOA performance pilot 17 August 2017