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ID Document type Title Publication date
2018/01617 Information update (News) TUC supports motion on a strategy for children 12 September 2018
2018/01615 Information update (News) TUC backs Prospect on Brexit 11 September 2018
2018/01614 Information update (News) Unions back a just transition for energy workers 11 September 2018
2018/01590 Information update (News) Prospect backs calls for greater action on gender pay gap 10 September 2018
2018/01589 Information update (News) Fighting against sexual harassment leads TUC conference 10 September 2018
2018/00909 Information update (News) Sue Ferns visits Trawsfynydd to make case for new nuclear reactor 08 May 2018
2018/00847 Information update (News) Britain isn’t delivering for working people - join us to march for a new deal for working people 02 May 2018
2018/00684 Information update (News) Prospect member awarded prestigious equality award at STUC 16 April 2018
2018/00257 Information update (News) Prospect gets ready for HeartUnions week 09 February 2018
2018/00228 Information update (News) Love your union by entering our photo competitions 07 February 2018
2017/01409 Information update (News) Prospect President speaks up for arts and entertainment workers at TUC 13 September 2017
2017/01383 Information update (News) Prospect speaks out at TUC against erosion of workplace safety 12 September 2017
2017/01358 Information update (News) TUC backs Prospect on protecting STEM in Brexit 10 September 2017
2017/00568 Information update (News) Workplace revolution means unions can’t stand still 27 March 2017
2017/00205 Information update (News) Support TUC Heartunions week – 8-14 Feb 29 January 2017
2016/02044 Information update (News) International agreement on violence in the world of work underway 02 November 2016
2016/01762 Information update (News) Prospect motion on sexual harassment debated at TUC 11 September 2016
2016/01748 Information update (News) TUC fringe to focus on role of unions in promoting smarter working 09 September 2016
2016/01176 Information update (News) Conference backs TUC unemployed workers’ centres 27 May 2016
2016/01150 Information update (News) Fragile Northern Ireland economy under spotlight at ICTU conference 25 May 2016
2016/01003 Information update (News) Report of the 25th TUC Black Workers Conference, London 15 – 17th April 2016 26 April 2016
2016/00923 Information update (News) Young workers support heritage campaign 19 April 2016
2015/01349 Information update (News) Six days to have your say 04 November 2015
2015/01341 Information update (News) Still time to write to your MP on union bill 03 November 2015
2015/01322 Information update (News) Defend your union rights – countdown to Westminster rally 29 October 2015
2015/01213 Information update (News) TUC launches petition to stop “TTIP’s dangerous cousin” 01 October 2015
2015/01127 Information update (News) Sustainable pension commission needed to close “deplorable” gender gap 15 September 2015
2015/00896 Information update (News) University honours Prospect equality campaigner 24 July 2015
2015/00894 Information update (News) Why we can’t afford to ignore older workers 23 July 2015
2015/00364 Information update (News) We don’t want the moon – just what is fair and right, say TUC women 18 March 2015