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2019/01659 Information update (News) West Burton power station staff choose Prospect 07 November 2019
2019/01641 Information update (News) National Galleries of Scotland increase delivers 3-4% 06 November 2019
2019/01640 Information update (News) Scottish scientists meet deputy first minister about proposed job cuts 06 November 2019
2019/01639 Information update (News) Neurodiversity – why openness benefits everyone 06 November 2019
2019/01638 Information update (News) How development can enhance the landscape and built heritage 06 November 2019
2019/01637 Information update (News) Agency chief issues warning to vehicle testers who bully his staff 06 November 2019
2019/01636 Information update (News) Unions secure pledges from Speaker candidates on bullying and harassment 06 November 2019
2019/01635 Information update (News) Indicative ballot on industrial action at Natural England 06 November 2019
2019/01634 Information update (News) Prospect’s traffic officers proved right on Smart motorways 06 November 2019
2019/01633 Information update (News) SONI members’ charity donation 06 November 2019
2019/01632 Information update (News) Scottish Power engineers vote for industrial action 06 November 2019
2019/01631 Information update (News) Change programme takes heavy toll on statistics workers 06 November 2019
2019/01630 Information update (News) Stalemate on pay at the Ministry of Defence 06 November 2019
2019/01624 Information update (News) Teachers' pension scheme survey 01 November 2019
2019/01622 Information update (News) Devonport team’s inspirational beach clean 01 November 2019
2019/01601 Information update (News) Paul Watson: Looking for a public service career 29 October 2019
2019/01599 Information update (News) “Toxic environment” for special needs children 28 October 2019
2019/01598 Information update (News) ECSG updates from the frontline: November 2019 28 October 2019
2019/01597 Information update (News) Book your place: ECS Professional Seminar 2019 28 October 2019
2019/01566 Information update (News) Workers in renewables and nuclear supply chain must be aware of IR35 tax changes 22 October 2019
2019/01535 Information update (News) Prospect responds to EPI study on unexplained pupil exits 15 October 2019
2019/01527 Information update (News) Prospect launches new charity partnerships 11 October 2019
2019/01514 Information update (News) Highways England members consider industrial action over pay dispute 10 October 2019
2019/01497 Information update (News) Unions show support for Sizewell C 04 October 2019
2019/01495 Information update (News) MOLA archaeologists vote for industrial action 04 October 2019
2019/01465 Information update (News) Prospect meets Scotland's First Minister 27 September 2019
2019/01451 Information update (News) Civil servants need clear and unambiguous guidance on how to respond if they believe ministerial instructions may be unlawful 24 September 2019
2019/01449 Information update (News) This focus from Labour on how to drive up low carbon generation while lowering costs is welcome 24 September 2019
2019/01448 Information update (News) Prospect hosts green industrial revolution event 23 September 2019
2019/01447 Information update (News) How to double union membership in the private sector 23 September 2019